Absolute Cycle is Bangkok's premier, dedicated rhythm based indoor cycling studio and lifestyle destination. We are a community driven by the sweat of our ride, the connection of our pack and the joy of every rider that enters our doors.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line, our workouts are cutting edge, and our service is always first class.

Our inspirational instructors create an interactive performance and journey leading our riders through dance, emotion, fun, energy and ultimately euphoria.


First thing you must know is that this is not a spin class... Simply put, it's a high-intensity, exciting, fun, results oriented, and community focused dance class on a bike.

Rhythm Cycling is a full body workout focused on an optimal cardio class with movements, music and motivation. Our classes are designed on brain fitness, interactive connection and breath power synergies to give you an awesome physical and mental workout. you have fun, hear great music and burn 500 - 800+ calories in the 45 min class!

Absolute Cycle is bringing the next generation of indoor cycling to Thailand reinventing exercise as a way of life and to rediscover your human potential. This is your time. This is your ride. This is Absolute Cycle!

We move together
We grow together

Where ordinarily, traditional spin classes are focused on the individual, Absolute Cycle creates an environment where riders ride together and create and feed off a group energy.

It's a place where no one is left behind. It's a place to come not just to workout, it's a place to work it out. At Absolute Cycle we strongly believe in the collective energies of group exercise class where one has the community to push you on, to relate, to share and to feel a sense of belonging. We strive to develop that community and we want you to be part of it!


Our inspirational instructors are Fitness enthusiasts who are committed to push you past your own personal boundaries.

They are an integral part of the Absolute Cycle brand, community and rider's lives.

In each class they create an interactive performance and journey that allows you to let go of your inhibitions, clear your head and empower yourself with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.

We believe positive change is contagious, so you are very welcome to meet the crew!



Yes, this is a cardio class so naturally you'll burn fat. Expect to burn through 500 - 800+ calories in the 45 min class.


Our sequences raise and lower your heart rate in a way that's proved not only to improve your endurance but also increase your metabolism, fat burning ability and overall fitness levels.


The way we move on the bike and hover over the seat will improve your core strength.


We encourage and develop correct riding form to ensure the focus is on the butt and NOT the thighs. By hovering back over the saddle the body is perfectly positioned to isolate the butt and force you to use those muscles rather than your thighs. The result is a firm and tight butt instead of huge thighs.


Through the experience and the inspirational, motivational coaching you'll notice how your approach to life will start changing. We'll help you find the strength to meet life head on. Changing the way you think in class will help you change the way you think outside it.



45 min

A 45-minute intense cardio combined workout with upper body and core workout on the bike, while you cycle to the beat of the music. Hand weights are used in the class to sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders, chest and back. This full body workout will transform the way you look and feel in as few as 5-7 class.



60 min

Empower your body and mind throungh this full body workout.This powerful 60 minutes ride will take you through long progressive hills, steady-state flats and intervals. Motivating music will inspire you to bring up the intensity, melting away those unwanted calories, while toning your body.


Foundation Class (15 min) Mandatory for First Timers. This introduction class teaches you how to set up your bike, clip in and key alignment postures to ensure an enjoyable ride. You can take as many times as you wish.

Note: New riders to rhythm cycling need to attend minimum 1 session of Foundation Class.